#Web20Tools, Learning via Twitter

Being the person who is always on social media, I never thought I could learn so much. Especially through twitter. Better believe that I was amazed, yet again,  in the amount of things you can learn on social media. I’m not talking about what’s for lunch, either.

Tonight I participated in my first Twitter #chat, where I communicated with teachers, technology specialists, and administrators from all  over the country in #Web20Tools from 6-7 PM EST. I’m still relatively new to the term Web2.0, so I thought participating in a chat revolved around the tools used in Web2.0 would be beneficial. Those who participated in discussed what tools they liked, why they used them, and how to get around blocked sites in schools.

When I first logged into my Twitter account tonight and searched #Web20Tools, I started to get extremely nervous. I introduced myself as Nicole Huber, Middle Level Education Major. So many people replied to my tweet and welcomed me with open arms, or tweets, if you say.

Throughout the conversation, I already received notification that I have new followers! As a result, I followed them back and learned more about the background of those who I had conversations with:

Sean Junkins: Sean was the moderator of this chat. Sean is an International Technology Specialist, Apple Distinguished Educator, and a Google Certified teacher. He is from Myrtle Beach, SC. His first question that he tweeted to those participating was: “How do you keep up with all the Web 2.0 tools that are out there?” You can check out his website, seansdesk.com or follow him @sjunkins

Michelle R. Green: Michelle is an educator with a passion for learning technologies, community #INeLearn #maltrocks and is also a mom. Michelle is from Evansville, IN; Henderson, KY. Michelle gave me some great links to some web 2.0 tools! You can visit her website at michellergreen.com and follow her @mrg_3

Lisa Lund is from Olathe, KS. Lisa is a technology integration coordinator. Lisa also gave me great links for web 2.0 tools that she uses as well! Check out her website at tinyurl.com/techbylund and follow her @@TechIntegratio1

Erin Formella is a high school social studies teacher. She teaches US History, World History, and Psychology. She is from Hudson, WI. Erin tweeted at me and told me how she enjoys using livebinder like I do! She mentioned that she is using livebinder as a way to post interviews her students write/do about 9/11. I thought this was extremely thought-provoking and inspiring. Thank you Erin, you already have me writing ideas down for what I can do with my future students! You can follow Erin @@NillaVanilla555

Brad Currie is also another person that I followed after the chat tonight. Brad is a school administrator from Chester, NJ, and is the cofounder of #satchat. You can follow him @bcurrie5 and check out his website bradcurrie.net

I learned so much after participating in this chat. When selecting tools, age does matter. Web 2.0 tools offer creativity and are key to 1:1 success. FYI: if a tool you would like to use is blocked by your school district, talk to the administrators. Some school districts offer teacher overrides, while most administrators will approve tools after you explain the opportunities offered and show why those tools are essential for learning. But how do you know students are learning by Web 2.0? Simple: use a rubric or teacher observation for students to follow. Also, end your class time by allotting 5-10 minutes to share and celebrate students work using these specific tools!

Even though I’m only required to participate in these chats for 30 minutes, I found myself sitting in front of my computer intrigued by the amount of knowledge I was learning. Here are some suggestions of Web 2.0 tools to use:

  • Twitter
  • ReadWriteThink.org
  • webinars
  • voicethread
  • audioboo
  • Prezi
  • glogster
  • Smorepages
  • educlipper
  • google drive

I’ve already checked some of these tools out, and you better believe that I’ll be making use of most of them.

Lisa Lund, as I mentioned above, also gave me a link for some tools to use: http://bit.ly/VXwkQD

Michelle R. Green also posted a link to her favorite Web 2.0 resources: http://bit.ly/SI42e0

After looking at both these sites, I couldn’t help but bookmark them onto my computer. They are so useful and are great ways to integrate technology in the classroom, without using a smartphone or iPad!

I want to thank everyone who participated in #web20Tools for giving me such great information to work with!

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