Blog #3, #alg1chat

Last night I participated in #alg1chat, algebra 1 chat. When I entered the chat, I introduced myself as a middle level & mathematics education major. However, unlike the last chat I participated in, not many people seemed conversational. I must say, this chat was not one of my favorites.

The moderator was not really “moderating”. She asked one question in the beginning of the chat, but then didn’t ask another until 9:30… a half hour into the chat. Because of this, not many people were communicating. It was the same people each time, and it started to get really boring. I didn’t interact in this chat as much because of it.

The topic of the night was about math standards.  The question asked by the moderator was “What CC standard would you like to look into more tonight?” . I thought the topic was pretty interesting, but the moderator didn’t ask another question after that, which kept the chat moving very slow.

Because the chat was moving so slow, I decided to ask a question of my own, in regards to the smartboard, since that was what we were learning in EDU350 at the moment. Unfortunately, no one responded with the exception of one person. The one person who responded to my question mentioned that she never used it before, so she couldn’t be much help.

The only good thing I take from this chat was the advice that the moderator gave me: “Jump into everything you can find in the math twitter blogosphere, join chats and read blogs.”

The five people that I followed tonight were:

  • Kathryn Freed: @kathrynfreed; graduated from Central College and is a High School math teacher from Iowa. She was the moderator of the twitter chat.
  • Chris Rime: @chrisrime; High school math teacher from Washington State who also has a wordpress account!
  • Sean Saffell: @seansaffell; Math & Science teacher and staff development coach at Marysville Schools
  • Brandy Romer: LHSmrsromer: didn’t have any bio information, but wants to make her math classroom more student centered, this twitter chat was also her first time participating in a chat!
  • Lucy Freitas: @lucyefreitas: Math teacher who finds it difficult to explain math vocabulary, she wanted to learn how to improve this during the chat.
  • Ben Mahas: @greenemiddle: Algebra teacher from Ohio! He mentioned how he explains the distributive property by telling a story about the Little Red Riding Hood. I found this extremely interesting. He tells a story of the Little Red Riding Hood going to her grandparents houses (they are divorced). Little Red is the number on the outside, who is distributing goodies to grandma and grandpa.

I hope to have better luck with the next twitter chat. Although I thought this twitter chat was beneficial for me as a future math teacher, I hope the next chat I participate in is more interactive!



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