Blog #4, #paedchat

Last night I participated in the chat #paedchat. It was really interesting! The topic of discussion of the night was effective instruction for non-fiction. Honestly, I was a little nervous participating in this chat, because the moderator was a superintendent of North Penn school district, which is relatively near by.

Some of the questions included:

Why do many students struggle with comprehension of non-fiction text more than fiction text?

To what degree does your curriculum explicitly address non-fiction text skills and strategies?

Since it was raised, how will the PA core/common core emphasis on non-fiction shift instructional strategies?

How can we address student deficit in academic vocabulary or background knowledge related to non-fiction text?

How do we help teachers overcome their lack of confidence in instructing non-fiction text?

How are non-fiction text and informational or persuasive writing connected?


I thought this chat was going to talk solely on the language arts curriculum, but it also discussed other subjects, which I found extremely interesting. Many of the participants answered that it is hard to teach non-fiction text because it is harder for students to relate to the text, as well as understanding the non-student friendly academic vocabulary.

It was very interesting to see what math teachers had to say. Many mentioned that math teachers should walk students through solving the word problems by analyzing the text.

Many teachers of other subjects mentioned that it is important to share ideas between teachers in the school and work together to use the same vocabulary domain, so it is easier for students to connect ideas between subjects and curriculums.


Overall, I found this twitter chat very beneficial for me as a future teacher. It definitely helped me understand what to expect as a teacher and gave me ideas to help students learn reading and vocabulary skills in mathematics, not just English. Unlike the last twitter chat I participated in, the moderators did a great job moving from one topic to another, and there were a lot more people involved in a conversation than just a select few.

The five people that I followed from last night’s chat were:

@josephdevinekv: He was one of the two moderators in this chat. He is a Middle School Assistant Principal who used twitter to grow as a leader and a learner.

@dianeholben: She was the second moderator of the chat, she asked majority of the questions to change topics. She is an assistant superintendent of North Penn school district from Allentown, PA. She is an advocate for equal learning opportunities, data and research junkie.

@SMStout: She is from Lower Merion, PA who is an assistant principal at a middle school. She graduated from Penn State and is a lifelong learning.

@BillBlackRI: He is a teacher from Providence, RI. He participated in a lot of the conversation, making good point to a lot of the questions. I found it extremely interesting how he connected with teachers from PA, even though he is from another state!

@MissBamberger is a 4th grade teacher from Lancaster, PA. She uses the SMARTboard, is a constant learner, tech lover, grad student, and a believer in Public Education. She is a moderator/confonder to #elemsci and a contributor to #4thchat

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