Personal Interest Project

For my Personal Interest Project, I plan to study/research mobile learning/apps used for learning.

For this project, I will be partnering with Brittany Scott. We will be collaborating by researching the benefits that mobile learning offers, as well as the different types of applications that are available for different subject areas, such as mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, etc.

I am interested in learning how I can begin applying mobile apps in the classroom for students, maybe even for my tutees that I tutor through the ALC. With society all about the internet, it is important to incorporate the various applications that can help students connect through their phones with the subjects/content areas they are learning in school.

I am also interested in learning how mobile apps benefit students, and maybe even finding the downsides of mobile learning, and how I could turn the negatives into positives.

Some information that I have found on this topic:

I have also found two articles pertaining to mobile learning from the Learning & Leading magazines:

November 2012, Vol 40 No 3:

  • Google Forms & Flubaroo: Less Paper, More Teaching (discussing how to use google apps in the classroom)

August 2012, Vol 40 No 1:

  • First Graders with iPads? (explaining how teachers improved reading through iPads)



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