#4thchat Blog #5

Tonight I participated in #4thchat, which included 4th grade teachers from all over the country, and even Canada.

Tonight’s chat was combined with #elemsci so the main topic of discussion was how to incorporate science in 4th grade and to make it more interesting.

Questions included:

Q1: How do you incorporate seasonal science?

Q2: What projects do you like to include in the fall?

Q3: How do you encourage inquiry in your lessons?

Q4: Share some of your favorite Fall Science Resources

I found this twitter chat extremely interesting, especially because I am a middle level education major. Even though I am taking a language arts class and mathematics/science class, I learned more information to make science more interesting through this twitter chat than I did in my education class. Many teachers were sharing various websites that they use for resources, which I checked out and look forward to sharing as a teacher.

Teachers mentioned that they like to take their students on nature walks to nearby parks and use their iPads to take pictures to reflect on in class at a later time. Also, another teacher integrated mathematics with pumpkins in the fall last year to estimate the amount of seeds that are contained in one pumpkin, and I have already thought of more activities to use with pumpkins in science class!

This twitter chat was very fast paced, something I enjoyed being a part of because it forced me to stay focused. The chat included many topics about science that are very important to know as a future middle school teacher. The only problem that I came across was the confusion that everyone was having at one point, because someone answered A3 instead of A2, which resulted in people posting “where is Q3, did I miss it?” etc. I found it extremely annoying, but the problem was easily solved, very quickly.

The people that I followed:

Bill Krakower (@wkrakower): He was the co-moderator to #4thchat. He is a teacher in New Jersey, Ed Tech Presenter, and co-moderator to #satchat and #njed as well He is a member of #edcampnj and co-director of NJASCD. 

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): She is a 4th grade teacher and also a moderator to #4thchat, but not tonight’s. She is a poart of DEN Star, SimpleK12 Ambassador, EdcampNOLA organizer, tech integrator specialist, and an innovative educator of 30+ years of experience from NOLA.

Megan Carey Schuchma (@HahnclanMegan): She is a 4th grade teacher from Saint Paul.

Sarah Baker (@Baker2S): 4th grade teacher who enjoys reading and technology. She is from Bradenton, FL.

Mr. Kresl (@MrKreslTeaches): Full time teacher who is a Bluestem Committee member, reader.

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