What was interesting about this twitter chat, was that it was supposed to be cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances.” However, many users decided to create a #fake21stedchat which I thought was extremely interesting.

Some of the questions asked:

Q1: Should professional development or technology come first in bringing technology into the classroom?

I thought this question was very thought provoking, especially because of the educational technology class that I am currently taking.  One user answered that it is similar to the “chicken and the egg” problem. Others said that professional development and technology need to be merged together, not one should be before the other.

Q2: Share the better with tech lesson that you’re most proud of from this year.

Q3: What tech tools are on your list to try as the school year progresses?

I followed the following people from this twitter chat:

@craigyen: He is a fifth grade teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a “fanboy” of #flipclass and #edtech

@brendahauff: She is a technology teacher and apple enthusiast. She is from Wichita, KS. 

@tamradollar: She is a literacy instructional coach who is obsessed with data driven instruction and student self-advocacy.

@Nathan_stevens: An educational engineer and Assistant Director of METRC at North Carolina State University. He is from Raleigh, NC.

 @txlibrarianbabs: An elementary school librarian from Texas.       

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