Blog #7, #msmathchat

Tonight I participated in #msmathchat, a twitter chat aimed for middle school math teachers. Although I found this chat very interesting and educational, there were parts of it that made me frustrated and bored.

The moderator did not seem to do a good job moderating the twitter chat. We were on the same question for about 20 minutes, and the second question wasn’t eve relative to the chat. The third question did not even get asked until about 9:40.

The moderator began the chat with asking participants an ice breaker question of what their favorite tv show is, in addition to the usual questions of where they are from and what they teacher.

The first question asked was “What is your favorite way to review for a test or quiz?”

Many responded by adding review tests, flash cards, interactive white boards, jeopardy, and group tests. One person even mentioned they used an interactive games called “Balloon Pop” and sent a link to their blog that explains it. I made sure to post it to my diigo page to keep for reference.

The second question was extremely irrelevant, and I wasn’t sure if the moderator was trying to be funny or serious… The moderator asked what to get another person for Christmas. I’m assuming that other person is another moderator who didn’t participate tonight.

The third and last question was “What kind of reassessments (if any) do you do for students who don’t have mastery?” This one I found interesting; it’s something I never thought about before.

Participants answered by mentioning that they give students the opportunity to retake a quiz, correct their answers on the test, and/or complete a post reflection write up and explain in detail one problem that they got wrong.

Overall, I thought this twitter chat was informative, but also hard to follow, because the questions would not change until 20 minutes later, which kept it hard to stay focused on what others had to say.

The five people that I followed:

@JustinAion: He is a math teacher, father, husband, and technology addict from Greensburg, PA. He was also the moderator of tonight’s chat.

@Radical_Robin: She is a 7th & 8th grade math teacher, mom and wife from New Jersey.

@jreulbach: She is a 6th & 7th grade middle school math teacher who also coaches cheerleading who wants students to love math. 

@marymary415 : She teaches 7th & 8th grade math from Virginia.

@BridgetDunbar : She teaches math and special education from Dameron, MD.