EDU350 Video

The video project assigned in EDU350 was one of the best projects I have had since I have been a student at Albright. It engaged me to think and be creative with the rest of my group. My group, Logan and Emma, worked extremely well together. We first made a list of different topics, and then we all ranked our favorite ones, Masters Hall being the most common. Then, we brainstormed some ideas on what we should do as far as story board and props that we needed. We asked one of our friends to record the video for us, which we had a lot of fun doing. Overall, I would do this project again in a heartbeat.

As far as how I could incorporate videos in a classroom, this could help with instruction and getting students more involved in the lesson if a video is being played, as technology is becoming more and more important in students’ learning.

Some ideas of how to incorporate video:
1) Record myself teaching a lesson and assign it for homework or to send to students who are absent.
2) Making a news report for an event in history.
3) “How to” task, like in Spanish or in mathematics.
4) Visual poetry or sentences for language arts
5) Recreating a story line for a novel/book