Reflections of Group 2’s Personal Interest Projects

Hanna’s PIP seems very organized and well put together. It was very informative and allowed me to learn about the importance of podcasts and how to incorporate them into our classrooms as teachers. However, I found that there was not much textual information from her and Logan. Majority of the site was links to articles and videos from YouTube, which I did find helpful. However, I found that it was time consuming and boring after having to click on the links provided in order to learn more about podcasting. I would have rather read a quick overview of what the link and videos focused on.

Emma’s PIP is a Prezi presentation. It was extremely colorful and had the perfect amount of graphics to even out the textual information. It immediately grabbed my attention. Prezi is extremely beneficial for keeping readers focused because of the flow and movement the presentation offers. Emma’s Prezi kept me interested in the topic because of the change in scenery the movement provided.  Emma offered enough information and followed up with links to articles and videos that went into more detail. It was not difficult to understand and interested me in the idea of digital storytelling. Her presentation flowed together, as if it was a story. 

Brittany and I created our PIP together.

Vincent did not post his PIP yet.